Saturday, April 27, 2013

Jiffy Kovakkai Sadham

Very simple and yummy rice.Whenever a roast is made there are few scrapings sticking to the kadai and mixing rice to it with ghee topping makes it very yummy

All that you require
  • Hot rice - 1 cup
  • Kadai in which kovakkai fry was made 
  • Kovakkai - 2 ladles
  • Ghee - topping (optional)
Please refer this link "Kovakkai Fry" / Dondakaya Fry preparation

  • Take the kadai in which kovakkai was made and put 2 tablespoons of kovakkai 
  • Now add a ladle of rice to it and layer with 2 tablespoons of kovakkai again
  • Keep repeating this till the rice and vegetables are exhausted
  • Mix well using a fork
  • Top it with ghee before serving
It goes well with fried applam