Thursday, April 25, 2013

Masala Dosai

I needn't have to give any introduction.Its indeed everyone's favorite

  • Dosa batter - as required
  • Aloo masala - as required
  • Oil / ghee / butter - a teaspoon for each dosa
Masala dosa batter preparation can be seen in this page "Masala Dosai Batter"
Aloo masala preparation can be seen in this link "Masala Dosa Filling"

  • Dilute the dosa batter with little water.Making sure it is of pouring / droping consistency
  • Before commencing the dosa preparation follow the tips given in the link "Preparing Dosa Tawa"
  • Keep the tawa in high flame and pour a ladle of dosa batter in the center
  • Spread well using the back side of the ladle.It should be a thin layer
  • Within few seconds you will notice small bubbles appearing.Now simmer the flame and add a teaspoon full of ghee around the edges of dosa. Close it with the lid
  • Open the lid say after a minute and touch it with dosa thiripi /  karandi / ladle.The karandi should be clean (ie) the batter should not stick on to it.No need to flip on to the other side
  • Now carefully spread the masala filling on to the center
  • Using the dosa thiripi fold one side of the dosa (see the pic below)
  • Fold the other side also
  • Take it out carefully and transfer it onto a plate
Hot Masala Dosa is ready.Serve it with Tiffin Sambar,Tiffin Sambar 2 / Chutney