Thursday, April 25, 2013

Tips before making Dosa on a Iron Tawa

I got these essential tips from a "Cookery Show" in Jaya TV.Its very useful hence Iam sharing with you all

Preparing Dosa Tawa
  • Heat the tawa on a high flame
  • Add crystal / powdered salt on the tawa and saute them well.This well prevent the dosa batter sticking to the tawa and you will be able to take it out with ladle easily
  • Sprinkle water and rub it with a clean towel
  • Put a drop of oil and rub it with a half cut potato / onion / brinjal (holding the stem).Be very careful while doing this

  • Again sprinkle water and rub it with a clean towel
  • Repeat the process of rubbing with oil and sprinkling water before making each and every dosa

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