Saturday, May 25, 2013

Chocolate Mysore Pak

Mysore Pak is one of the "Royal Sweets" in South India.This ghee melting sweet is mandatory in most of the houses on many special occasions especially Diwali
"Chocolate Mysore Pak" preparation is similar to "General / Ghee Mysore Pak" but the only difference here is the incorporation of "Drinking Chocolate Powder" that makes it even more delicious

Here the ghee consumption is less compared to the general mysore pak but trust me no compromise in taste.Once the things are ready it can be made within 15 minutes hence time saving too

Tried to explain each and every step with pics captured from my mobile (I was doing it single handed).Please feel free to contact me for any clarification

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Part 1 - Sifting and frying
  • Kadalai maavu / Besan - 1 cup
  • Drinking chocolate powder - 2 tablespoons
  • Ghee - 1 tablespoon

Part 2 - Sugar syrup
  • Sugar - 2 cups
  • Water - 1/2 cup
Part 3 
  • Melted ghee -  3/4 cup

Step 1 - Sifting
  • Mix besan and drinking chocolate powder together and sift it

  • Melt ghee in a thick bottomed kadai and roast the sifted besan-chocolate powder.It will look like bread crumbs.Let it cool
  • Sift it again and keep it aside

Step 2 - One string sugar syrup
  • In a wide bottomed kadai add sugar and pour water
  • Switch on the stove and keep the flame in high.Within 2 minutes you will notice the appearance of bubbles and sugar will be completely dissolved
  • Simmer the flame and after a minute check for single thread consistency as follows:
Dip a flat surface ladle / spatula into the sugar syrup and drop it onto a spoon / cup.Wet your fore finger and touch the syrup and then touch your fore finger and thumb together and pull it apart.You will be able see unbreakable single thread.Kindly take a look at the picture below

Step 3 - Mysore Pak preparation
  • Once the single thread consistency is reached slowly add the sifted besan-chocolate powder by stirring it continuously and mix well
  • Add 2 tablespoons of ghee and stir well till it is absorbed completely
  • Repeat the above step (2 tablespoons at a time) till the ghee is exhausted
  • Now the entire mixture / mass will becoming frothy and start leaving the sides of the pan.If you want "soft mysore pak" switch off the stove now otherwise keep stirring it
  • Within few seconds you will slowly see the entire mass becoming porous.Switch off the stove at this stage

Step 4 - Cake / Burfi pieces
  • Transfer the above mixture to a greased tray 
  • Cut into desired shapes when it is warm

Relish and experience ghee melting in your mouth with each and every bite

With the remaining titbits and used kadai you can make  Kheer as given in the link Tit Bit Burfi Kheer