Tuesday, August 12, 2014

திரட்டிப் பால் / Thiratti Paal / Milk Halwa

This is a traditional South Indian Sweet which is made by condensing milk and then adding sugar / jaggery to it.I made this with a slight variation - used "naatu sakkarai / brown sugar / unrefined cane sugar"
This is also offered as Prasadam during many festivals
All that you need is "Patience" to make this sweet

  • Full Cream Milk - 3 Liters / 12 cups
  • Unrefined cane sugar / brown sugar / naatu sakkarai - 1 1/2 cups
Brown sugar looks like this

Step 1 - Boiling milk
  • Take milk in a deep bottomed kadai and boil it
  • Once it starts boiling simmer the flame and keep stirring it for every 5 minutes using a wooden ladle

Step 2 - Condensing milk
  • Keep on stirring the milk for about 2 hours / till you notice a creamy layer on top of it
  • The milk will reduce to half its original quantity and it will be more creamy
  • After sometime the colour of the milk changes to pale pink.Look at the pic below and note the difference
  • Add brown sugar at this stage

Step 3 - Thiratti Paal
  • Mix brown sugar with milk and keep stirring it in simmer flame
  • After 10 minutes or so the entire mass will condense / solidify and come together
  • Keep on churning it till the thiratti paal leaves the sides of the kadai

Hot Thiratti Paal is ready for Naivedhyam