Saturday, March 1, 2014

Potato Bajji / உருளைக்கிழங்கு பஜ்ஜி

Actually I would call this as "Learner's Snacks" because it can be prepared within 10 minutes using the readily available items in our kitchen.Since this particular bajji variety does not involve onions it can be made during festive times also

  • Big sized Potato - 1
  • Bajji batter - nearly 1 cup
  • Oil - deep frying
Refer this link for preparing Bajji Batter

  • Heat oil in a deep kadai
  • Wash and peel potato's skin
  • Cut them into thin slices (I used knife only.You can use slicer)
  • Dip each and every potato slice into bajji batter.Ensure it is coated very well
  • Now carefully drop into the hot oil and fry well on both the sides.You can fry 2-3 bajjis at a time
  • Place the fried bajjis in a colander / tissue paper to drain the excess oil
  • Serve it hot with Tea / Coffee
  • It goes well with Tomato Chutney / Sauce