Monday, June 9, 2014

Brown Rasgulla

As the name says these rasgullas are brown in colour.The only reason behind this brown colour is due to the usage of "unrefined cane sugar / raw sugar / brown sugar" which retains many nutrients compared to white sugar
Come let's see how this sweet is made - just normal rasgulla procedure only
I tagged it under Beginners Section because it involves making paneer balls and boiling the same in sugar syrup.Even though the process is lengthy its easy compared to other traditional sweets
The taste is similar to Gur Rasgulla which is made out of jaggery
Here is the recipe for normal white Rasgulla

  • Fresh Paneer / Chenna - made out of 1/2 L toned milk
  • Brown sugar / unrefined cane sugar - 1 - 1 /2 cups
  • Water - 3 cups
  • Cardamom powder - a pinch
  • Almonds - 5 or 6 (optional - decoration)
Refer to this link for home made Fresh Paneer / Chena

Step 1 - Paneer Balls / Chenna Balla
  • Take home made paneer on a kneading surface and knead it thoroughly to make a soft dough.You may sprinkle little sooji while doing so.But that's optional and I didn't use it 
  • Divide the dough into 5 equal sized balls and knead each and every ball in between your palms.Make sure the balls are crack free
  • Fix one almond in each ball.This is optional but I did it because my son loves almonds
Step 2 - Sugar Syrup
  • Brown Sugar / Unrefined Cane Sugar looks like this
  • Take brown sugar in a cooker pan.Add water and boil it.Put cardamom powder in it

Step 3 - Brown Rasgulla
  • Sugar will dissolve and once it starts boiling add the paneer balls carefully prepared in "step 1".You may switch off the stove while doing so
  • Close the lid and pressure cook for 3 whistles
  • Once the pressure is released open the lid you will be able to notice change in colour 
  • Let it come to room temperature.Then refrigerate for 2 hours before serving