Thursday, June 12, 2014

Homemade Khoya / Mawa / Sugarless Khova

Iam sure this post will be really useful because we make use of mawa / sugarless khova in many sweets preparation.Sometimes we do add it in gravies to give a creamy texture
The time consumption is more when you make mawa at home.But nothing can beat any home made fresh items

  • Milk - 2 L
  • Thick Bottomed Kadai..Calcutta kadai works best
  • Spatula
and ofcourse loads of "time" and "patience"

  • Take milk in a thick bottomed kadai and let it boil in high flame
  • Once it starts boiling reduce the flame to medium and keep stirring it.Put a small cup inside so that it prevents milk from boiling and coming out
  • After half hour or so the milk volume would have reduce to half the quantity.You can find out this difference see my first and third picture
  • Now take off the small cup carefully using a holder
  • Keep stiring it you will notice the milk colour changes to pale milk
  • Simmer the flame and keep stirring it.The milk will start condensing / solidifying
  • During this process you will see layers of milk cream around the walls of kadai scrape it with spatula and add it to milk
  • As you move the ladle / spatula the milk will condense even more
  • After 10 minutes you will see the change in colour again and it will be a semi solid mass
  • Keep on churning the whole mass till it leaves the sides of kadai.It will look like halwa

Now mawa / sugarless khova is ready.I normally use fresh khova in my cooking but you can refrigerate till 3 days