Monday, August 11, 2014

Homemade Gulab Jamun Mix

There are plenty of gulab jamun mix available in the market but this one is special as it is completely "homemade" Eventhough it is time consuming and lengthy I was over whelmed with joy after seeing the output
I have split into three posts
First one explains dough preparation
Second one will explain "Shallow Fried" Jamnuns for "Weight Watchers"
Final post is regular "Gulab Jamun"

  • Homemade Paneer - extracted from 1L milk / 1 cup
  • Homemade Khova - taken from 2L full cream milk / 2 cups
  • Milk Powder - 2 tablespoons
  • Ghee - 1 tablepoon or more
  • Dryfuits / Chocolate chips - for stuffing

Click on these links for Homemade Paneer and Homemade Khova

  • Crumble paneer and rub with your palm.Knead it to a dough.Do not add water
  • Crumble khova / khoya.Add paneer and milk powder to it.Knead it to a smooth dough.Use ghee while kneading
  • Make sure the dough is crack free
  • Leave it for 10 minutes before making jamuns

This is Homemade Gulab Jamun Mix.Let's see in the next post how to make gulab jamuns

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