Friday, April 11, 2014

Pickle Powder

Thanks to my neighbor who taught me this.This is not only added to pickles but also to certain curries to enhance the flavour
Part 1 - Sun Drying
  • Whole dried "Kashmiri Red Chillies" / Badige Mirch - handful / 50g(this is more dried chillies and more red in colour than normal ones)
  • Normal Red chillies / Deghee Mirch - 5 to nos
Part 2 - Dry roasting
  • Methi seeds - 2 tablespoons
  • Turmeric (lenthy one) / Kombu Manjal / Virali manjal - 2 nos
Step 1 Sun Drying
  • Keep both types of mirchi / chillies under the sun for 1 hour.You should be able to break the chillies that's the right consistency
  • See the picture below: Kasmiri chillies looks more shrunken compared to regular mirchi
Step 2 - Dry roasting
  • Crush the turmeric using mortar and pestle
  • Dry roast this crushed turmeric and methi seeds 
Step 3 - Pickle Powder
  • Cool the dry roasted items.Take it in a mixer jar and grind it along with dried chillies

Now pickle powder is ready.Go ahead and make pickles