Friday, May 2, 2014

Tri Colour Paratha

The clue is in the title.This is a Colourful Paratha involving three different natural colours.Its very healthy and delicious.Use butter while making paratha's for children

  • Tricolour Paratha Dough - as needed
  • Oil / ghee / butter - making parathas

Refer this link for Tri Colour Paratha Dough Preparation

  • Pluck out small ball from each and every colour and place next to each other as seen in the image
  • Roll out each and every ball into a thin strip
  • Hold these strips together and roll it spirally as seen in picture's below

  • Dust this in atta flour and roll it out into a thin paratha

  • Again repeat the above procedures with the rest of the dough(s)
  • Heat a tawa and put a rolled roti / paratha into it
  • Add 1/2 teaspoon of butter / ghee (if giving it to children).Otherwise add oil and cook well on both the sides

Hot Yummy Tri Colour Paratha is ready.Serve it with curd and pickle